A national roster of grassroots organizations.

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The Grassroots Directory is a listing of organizations powered by volunteers, all working to ensure that pro-democracy candidates prevail in the 2024 elections and beyond.

Purpose of the Grassroots Directory

The Grassroots Directory is designed to serve two purposes:

  • Demonstrate the national scale of pro-democracy grassroots groups by putting each group “on the map”.
  • Increase opportunities for support, communication, and collaboration among interested leaders of grassroots groups, especially among volunteer leaders and in 2024 “battleground” states.

What kind of organizations are encouraged to join the Grassroots Directory?

Leaders of all of the following types of pro-democracy organizations that mobilize volunteers in  voter engagement are encouraged to list their organization:

  • All-volunteer or very lightly staffed  groups affiliated with networks such as Indivisible and Swing Left; unaffiliated but similar groups
  • Nonprofit organizations and PACs
  • Local Democratic Party Committees

How to list your organization in the Grassroots Directory

The LIST YOUR ORGANIZATION button below allows leaders to complete a short questionnaire about their organization.The questions themselves provide a clear indication of which responses will be publicly displayed online. All submissions are checked for authenticity. Leaders will receive confirmation when a listing is published and their organization is mapped, as well as information about opportunities to engage in communication and collaboration with other leaders. 

There will never be any costs associated with listing your organization in the Grassroots Directory.