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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is the Grassroots Collaboration Project?

A: The Grassroots Collaboration Project (GCP)  is a new initiative, uniting leaders of all-volunteer groups with the mission of supporting pro-democracy candidates and initiatives. GCP seeks to develop best practices nationally that will address challenges hampering our collective effectiveness through discussion, problem solving, and resource-sharing. Its purpose is to be additive and not in any way duplicate or supplant any other networks among grassroots groups.

If you’re on the leadership team of an all-volunteer grassroots group (or a group with very light paid staffing) and you’re interested in getting actively involved in the GCP and its problem-solving working/discussion groups,  write to julie.collaborationproject@gmail.com

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Q: How does the Grassroots Directory differ from other grassroot group directories that are already online?

A: The Grassroots Directory differs from other directories in two ways:

  1. The primary purpose of the Grassroots Directory is to facilitate more collaboration among leaders of grassroots groups, while also giving some direction to individuals seeking to join a grassroots group;

  2. The Grassroots Directory displays information about a larger cross-section of the grassroots community.

Q: Leaders of what types of grassroots groups are invited to enroll in the Grassroots Directory?

A: Leaders of pro-democracy organizations that mobilize volunteers in any type of election-related activities are welcome to enroll:

  • all-volunteer groups affiliated with networks such as Indivisible and Swing Left; unaffiliated but similar groups;
  • incorporated grassroots organizations focused on voter engagement;
  • local Democratic Party Committees.

Q: Aren’t legal issues related to coordination raised by including leaders from the three types of organizations mentioned just above under one “umbrella.”

A: The majority of the leaders involved in the Grassroots Collaboration Project have no constraints on coordination with any type of organization, party committee or candidate because they are volunteers leading unincorporated groups. We fully understand and are sensitive to the needs of leaders of incorporated groups to be aware of possible coordination issues about which they need to take appropriate action.

Q: Why create a Grassroots Directory now?

A: Current directories help individuals find avenues for activism; the Grassroots Directory is intended to help leaders find avenues for collaboration while they maintain group autonomy.  Even as many of the largely isolated groups that sprang up with Trump’s election have formed coalitions, there is room for more networking to:

  • gain strength in numbers and expertise;
  • produce stronger partnerships with electoral allies and boost morale;
  • make the impressive expanse of our community more visible to the political community at large.

Q: What kind of information is requested of a group leader about her/his organization and what answers provided will be displayed publicly?

Q: The Directory asks for contact information for leaders. How will that information be used?

A: Leader contact information will only be used for two purposes:

  1. to send invitations to leaders for gatherings allowing leaders to meet other leaders whose groups have shared interests in 2024 activities; (Note that these leaders can pass along these invitations to others on their group’s leadership teams.  Should any legal issues be posed by attending these gatherings, it is the responsibility of leaders to avoid the issues.)
  2. periodic emails from the GCP leads about available resources and opportunities