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The Grassroots Collaboration Project

The Grassroots Collaboration Project (GCP) seeks to improve the capacity and effectiveness of networking among organizations in the pro-democracy grassroots world, especially groups run by volunteer leaders. We aim to make what has been an overly atomized resistance to the extreme right-wing more cohesive and effective. The prospect of losing winnable elections motivates our work. 

The Grassroots Collaboration Project (GCP) arose out of a June 2023 report produced by volunteer leaders of grassroots groups across the country –Survey Report: The Experience of Grassroots Leaders Working with the Democratic Party

In the subsequent months after this report was published, these leaders established the GCP, an all-volunteer, unincorporated advocacy organization representing the shared interests and motivations of leaders of groups with varying types of affiliation with national networks (Swing Left, Indivisible, Sister District) or no affiliation at all.

The GCP now consists of dozens of volunteer leaders across the country who meet regularly in general, working group, and discussion group meetings. Its mission is to support leaders and advocate for grassroots groups by providing opportunities for collaboration, both internal and external. Our number continues to grow.

Volunteer leaders of groups enrolled in the Directory are welcome to learn more about the GCP and how to apply for membership by writing to julie.collaborationproject@gmail.com.

The Grassroots Collaboration Project’s Newsletter
In addition, the GCP publishes The Grassroots Connector, a free Substack newsletter designed to inspire, empower and amplify the work of the thousands of all-volunteer grassroots groups working to save our democracy. Subscribe here.   

The Website
This website was created by Jon Sachs with substantial programming help from great people. Feedback can be sent via the contact form.

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