A national roster of grassroots organizations.

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Want To Get More Involved?


Want To Get More Involved?

Are you an individual anxious about the risk that right-wing extremists will maintain or increase their political power in 2024 elections? The best way to reduce your anxiety is to join with other patriots working to support American democracy.

Options we recommend:

  • Use the website links provided in the Grassroots Directory to learn more about the organizations listed and how to join their activities.Volunteer groups offer the most camaraderie and personal connection. Video calls and technology that allows voters to be contacted from anywhere in the country have allowed many organizations to welcome members nationwide.
  • Swing Left provides guidance through its Directory designed to connect individuals to existing groups and at host@swingleft.org
  • If you prefer to be active on your own schedule, check out Chop Wood, Carry Water, a weekday newsletter that “gives you easy, effective political actions to take to stave off despair, effect positive change and elect more progressives.” Subscriptions can be free or paid…
  • For a boost to your knowledge and spirits, enjoy the Network Nova Power Lunch at 12 noon Eastern Time every Friday, with the program on the last Friday of each month more nationally focused. Register here.