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Guide to Listing Form

This is NOT the actual form, just an explanation about the form!
The actual form is here!

The answers to this first set of questions will be shown to the public:

List Your Organization

This page gives explanations of how to answer the questions and how we will use the information. If something still does not make sense or work for you, contact us.

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Enter how you want your organization to be listed.

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Please do not provide a personal email. If your organization has no public contact email address, create one using some form of your organization’s name in your current email account (easily done in gmail) or leave blank.

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Indicate where the leader submitting this form is based. Your focus/activities may NOT be in this location.

If your organization is virtual and has no actual location, use the contact form to alert us to your circumstances.

Leave empty if you do not have a website or social media presence.

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You can indicate that your leadership is volunteer, provided by a mix of volunteer and a arelatively small number of paid staff, or paid staff.

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Upload a logo if you have one. (If no logo is uploaded, we will show this flag-map icon.) Flag

The answers to the following set of questions will NOT be shown to the public, but will allow the Grassroots Collaboration Project to contact you to provide opportunities for collaboration.
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If you have no website or social media presence to which you can link, but you have other information that can authenticate your group, provide it here.

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If your organization is incorporated, check all forms of incorporation that apply.

If your organization is unincorporated, check “No legal status.”

Name of organization leader; not shown to public!

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What is the best description of the role that the organization leader plays?

Email of organization leader; not shown to public, but this is how we will contact you.

While you will be the sole recipient of emails from the Grassroots Collaboration Project, one or more other leaders may become involved in any collaboration opportunities offered.

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Please provide the email of another leader or long-term member who can be reached if the leader is unresponsive. You may also use the Public Contact Email provided above.

In what level(s) of elections are you typically active as an organization? Check all that apply.

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By “organized activities” we mean activities in which your group mobilizes its members to participate as a group activity, whether your group organizes the activity or members join an activity organized by others.

list of states
These are states with highly contested state and/or federal elections. if your activities will be focused elsewhere, leave blank.
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Give an idea of the number of volunteers whom you regularly update by email or newsletter, regardless of their level or type of participation in your activities. Do NOT include any comma: ex., write 1000, not 1,000.

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